As mothers are increasingly rejecting corporate sales messages in favour of an attraction strategy, it has never been more important for brands and business to create engaging, valuable content. In this episode Andrea Scalzo Yi, founder of Raising Dragons, shares how she successfully built a community of more than 1,, parents organically by creating simple STEAM activities which parents could do at home with their young children. Andrea shares her insights and tips to help brands connect and engage with mothers by using the right content formats and channels. Keep up to date with the latest trends, insights and case studies to help you grow your sales and profit. Andrea Scalzo Yi is the founder and creative force behind Raising Dragons, a company with a mission to inspire parents and educators with simple ways to play and educate kids. A wife and mother of four energetic sons, her background in both engineering and fashion gave her a passion for STEAM activities and led her to create Raising Dragons www. She resides near Philadelphia with her husband and four sons. Connect with Katrina at: katrina marketingtomums. She holds a Bachelor of Business Marketing and an MBA International Business and has 18 years sales and marketing experience working across diverse industries including grocery, hardware and online. Katrina can assist you harness the power of Mums to drive sales and profit and gain a commercial advantage for your brand.

“How Much Do I Say?”

In this podcast, Matthew and Tasha talk with Andrea LaRochelle on how to parent your kids and take care of yourself in a high conflict relationship. In this podcast, Matthew and Tasha talk about how to get your child to talk and open up when they go quiet. In this podcast, Matthew and Tasha talk about the importance of building a support team for your child. In this podcast, Matthew and Tasha talk about the importance of getting your kids off the couch and connecting with them in different ways.

In this podcast, Matthew and Tasha talk about the importance of taking care of yourself alongside your kids.

communicate with the public. 5mins 48secs. Sat 15 Aug , pm. audio. Andrea Morello (left), Juan Pablo Dehollain (middle) and Stephanie Simmons .

Unsubscribe at any time in your browser settings. You previously blocked notifications from manutd. Update your browser preferences to start receiving news alerts. Paul Pogba has explained what he learned most from working with pass masters Paul Scholes and Andrea Pirlo. Scholes and Pirlo are two of the most cultured midfielders to have graced the game and Pogba admits he could only watch and learn from the outstanding playmakers.

Pogba replaced Javier Hernandez to make his Premier League debut against Stoke City in , and played those final 17 minutes alongside Scholes. He came on for the homegrown star in his next outing, against West Brom but they were in tandem again in the win at Wolves, when the Frenchman entered the fray on 57 minutes. So their time together was limited Pogba also replaced Scholes in the legend’s testimonial at Old Trafford but he picked things up in training and by watching the veteran.

Pogba and Pirlo’s story is very different as they were team-mates on 93 occasions, winning 63 of those games, as Juventus dominated in Serie A and challenged for the Champions League. In an excellent episode of UTD Podcast, which is being released on Monday evening, the year-old was asked about playing with the two greats.

It was unbelievable for me, seeing them training like that, and it pushed me.

NFL Podcast: Andrea Kremer on Laurent Duvernay-Tardif’s heroic frontline battle against COVID-19

His response? Totally knowledgeable, always respectful, and they really do their homework. Company Town. Then there was a room filled with NBC people.

Andrea Silenzi (@andreasilenzi) March 9, The dating podcast Why Oh Why is a magical hodgepodge of fact and fiction, of interviews and.

If you run a business, chances are you’ve thought long and hard about your branding strategy. Or have you? My guest today says Canadian companies need to take their marketing and branding strategies to a new level, or pay a heavy price. Look for our magazine at canadexport. She’s also a veteran journalist who specializes in international business and global competitiveness.

Thanks for speaking with me today, Andrea. Michael Mancini: In one recent article, you highlight that you believe marketing and branding are at the very core of the challenge Canadians face, and that Canadian companies tend to compete on cost instead of the intrinsic. Andrea Mandel-Campbell: Well, what I mean by that is Canadian companies and Canadian products in general tend to compete on price, versus competing on the value added of a brand and marketing.

Michael Mancini: So why is it so important then for Canadian companies to establish a defined international brand? Andrea Mandel-Campbell: Well I think it’s critical because the rules of the game have changed, in terms of global markets; and these days pretty well anything is a commodity. And we’re used to thinking of commodities as oil and ore and wheat, but really almost anything is a commodity, even a computer is a commodity, even a printing machine is a commodity these days; and unless you add some kind of intrinsic value in terms of a brand, in terms of how you market that product, you will be competing on price regardless.

So you need to be able to add that brand to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Meaningful Nutrition Communication.

What new tools offer potential solutions? Published every four years, the Coffee Barometer highlights emerging trends and provides a critical look at progress made by the coffee sector on sustainability. Listen and learn as Andrea Olivar, International Programme Manager at Solidaridad, shares some of the highlights of the report. This talk from Re:co Boston is supported by Toddy.

After considering dubious current dating trends, they discuss the level of support Andrea Plus, Andrea and Tony answer emails from fans of the podcast!

Today we have our youngest guest yet! Cammie Scott is here to help us reveal your lesbian secrets. While Cam might be Uneducated about most things, she certainly knows a lesbian when she sees one. Our dating podcast has slowly been turning into a Paranormal one, and now we have sealed the deal. And let me tell you, it sounds traumatic.

We also gag over our most unexplainable ghost encounters, which are less scary, but happened to us so we hate it here. Click here to refresh the feed. Megan Batoon is a heartbreaker. Funnily enough, we had absolutely no problems talking to Megan for well over an hour! The world works in mysterious ways. But she opens up exclusively to us, two strangers she has never met, to let us in on some serious goss.

Then we play the most frustrating game of all time: rating the biphobic lines from the most problematic episode of Sex and the City.

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Join me as I host conversations with the leading experts in sales, marketing sales automation, sales process, leadership, management, training, coaching, any resource that I believe will help you accelerate the growth of your sales, your business and most importantly, you. Hello and welcome to Accelerate I am looking forward to talking with my guest today. And she is also the founder of Courage Crafters. Andrea, welcome to Accelerate. Well, thanks for joining me.

Podcast host/producer. Currently: @spotify. On hiatus: my dating podcast Why Oh Why, named best by NYTimes, NPR, Vulture, Time, GQ & Apple. She/her.

Hunger leads us to eat. Flavour and its perception leads us to choose what to eat. Software giants and startup hopefuls are looking for engineering graduates who speak the language of quantum mechanics. UNSW will now allow students to specialise earlier in their studies. A Californian startup, Turing, co-founded by Michele Reilly is building some of the basic software infrastructure for quantum computing. Jayne Thompson in Singapore is working on new machines which will allow computations to be made which draw on less data from data centres.

David Reilly at the University of Sydney is part of a global race to develop materials and designs for the machines which will make quantum computing a reality. Lasers are everywhere. They are used in data transmission, welding, health and more. And they will be the backbone of quantum computing, no matter which way the field goes as it develops. He inspired some children leading them to develop a love of science and nature. Aug

‘The perfect fans’: How ‘A Date With Dateline’ podcast hosts won over ‘Dateline NBC’

November 14th, Lapeer County, Michigan. A young woman and her boyfriend, along with a friend of his, had been staying over at her Aunt’s place over several days. Andrea had been house sitting while her relatives were away. On November 14th, she texted KC, her boyfriend, to have him meet her at the house. According to him, he arrived but the house was dark and he didn’t see Andrea.

BBC Writersroom are delighted to kick off our first podcast in the new format PODCAST: Writer Andrea Gibb about Elizabeth is Missing – ASK THE Keep up to date with events and opportunities at the BBC Writersroom.

Have any burning questions about dating? If so, this episode of Dope Ass Podcast is for you. Bela breaks dating down and makes the case for why you need to work on yourself and be fully ready before the right person can come into your life. She talked to Andrea about some of the top questions she sees around dating. She has an uncanny sixth sense about people, and what they need. Her intuition has been responsible for several marriages and children!

SmithSquad Podcast #132 – Advice For Getting a Girlfrined & Dating